Time Frames In Forex Charts


The time frames in forex charts depend on the density of the data. The lesser the compression and density of the data is, the more are the details displayed on the chart.

Depending on the time period in forex charts, you will come across intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual data.

The daily data comprises of intraday data that has been compressed for illustrating each day as a single data point, or time period in forex charts. The weekly data consists of daily data, compressed to show each week as a single forex chart time frame. The more the compression of the data, longer is the time frame possible to display the data.

Comparing these two different time frames in forex charts, one can see the difference in detail.



There are roughly 20 trading days in a month and around 252 trading days in a year. One can choose the time frames in forex charts and the data compression, depending on their trading or investing style

Traders interested in short-term price movements, usually focus on charts made up of daily and intraday data Shorter the time frame in forex charts, means less dense data which is easy to read and with more details. But these short forex chart time frames can be volatile, containing lots of noise. Sudden price movements with wide high-low ranges and price gaps can affect the overall picture in these charts and can become confusing for the trader.


Weekly and monthly time period in forex charts is the focus of investors to mark long-term trends and forecast long-term price movements. These long-term charts are typically one to four years in time and can cover a longer time frame. The compressed data doesn’t project the price movements as extreme and there is often less noise.


Some traders and investors are seen using a combination of long-term and short-term forex chart time frames. While the longer time frames in forex charts is useful in analyzing the bigger picture to get a broad perspective of the historical price action, the short time frame in forex charts can be used to focus and study the prices in the last few months.

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